Terms & Conditions

1. X Tokumei is an NFT Collection of 9,999 NFT's, each piece is unique and has several traits or attributes that determine individuality.

2. All of the designs are unique, original creations that have been hand-created by the designers of this project.

3. X Tokumei should not be viewed as an investment, holders of X Tokumei are not investors nor do they stand to gain anything other than a digital Token on any of the presale or public sale dates.

4. It will be down to the market thereafter to determine the long-term value of X Tokumei and we can not speculate at this time what value our NFTs will hold in the future.

5. Our Team will be focused on the delivery of Roadmap, but we can not guarantee the success of this project until delivery. We also may not be in a position to continue due to unforeseen circumstances. At any point, we may not be able to continue development.

6. Holders of NFTs are not buying into an investment, start-up, or company.

7. If any aspect of the Roadmap is delayed, X Tokumei holders will likely be the first to be informed.

8. The Plan for Roadmap can potentially change at short notice, this is to accommodate technological changes or advances that may appear within the timeline set out. For instance, if the team felt it viable, land would be purchased within an already established Metaverse to uphold the plan within Roadmap.

9. X Tokumei holders own the rights to the NFTs they have minted and are therefore able to “brand out” or use the NFT to promote their own business.

10. We are not in any way affiliated to any other company, project, famous individual or brand — X Tokumei is a standalone project with our own Roadmap and NFT Collection.

11. Conditions those who are seeking to buy/hold X Tokumei NFTs are to be of good standing, not seeking to engage in criminality or money laundering offences. If the Project believes that individuals are seeking to commit crimes, then we will report this immediately to law enforcement to protect our brand and integrity.

12. Whilst you will own the Digital Collectable—or NFT—if you are seeking to generate revenue from this NFT then you may not use X Tokumei brand without expressed permission from the project. You may use the image contained within the NFT to promote your own business and this is deemed acceptable.

13. If you are attempting to defraud people within our community—either by DM on Discord—or directly, then the Project holds the right to record your IP address and submit this to law enforcement in the event members of our community are defrauded.

14. We cannot be held responsible for the “Floor Price” or any secondary sale value after the mint. Our NFTs are FREE. Do not complain.

15. You must not purchase X Tokumei if you believe that you stand to make an investment in doing so. We are not advertising our collection as “investments”, because we simply cannot determine their value post-mint.By purchasing an NFT or “Digital Collectable” from X Tokumei, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions.