Your questions answered.

What is X Tokumei?

They're hiding in the shadows... In a dystopian metropolis controlled by assassins, who can you really trust? X Tokumei features a full-blown storyline within their rewarding ecosystem. Staking, token, upgrades and much more all to be unlocked by those who dare. The only question left is... are you ready to join them?

How much does an X Tokumei NFT cost?

FREE, basically. In order to prevent one person minting the entire supply instantly, we are adding a small fee of $5 per NFT, this is the only way to ensure that everyone has a fair chance of minting.

What are the benefits of owning an X Tokumei NFT?

By staking you can earn $ANON passively. This can be used to claim exclusive NFTs and rare items in the ecosystem. Check out our entire roadmap further down.

Is there a limit to how many I can mint?

No, you can mind however many you want.

Wen Mint?

Presale: 16th June - 16:00 UTC

Public Sale: 16th June - 17:00 UTC

How do I mint?

All you need is a Phantom Wallet. Install it on your browser here: https://phantom.app/ or download the Phantom mobile app. Load our website, when we launch, connect your wallet and click 'mint'. easy!